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There is simply no time when the Willamette Valley rocks so much as Summertime. So, if you want to see great Eugene wedding venues in their absolute prime, is that Time. A host of great wedding locations are abloom and aflower and at no moments otherwise in the year will they be as resplendent, in this patch of Oregon, as from now through the end of Summer. If you seek such Magic for your magic Day, read on... But don't procrastinate. Many want magic and there are only so many prime Eugene wedding venues and so little time...

There is a sort of universal endorsement--chorused by Eugene Wedding Venues, understandably--of the notion that the wedding venues in Eugene (home of the University of Oregon) manifest much of what renders the town both the crown jewel of the state's Emerald Valley, of the most genuinely magical places to get married in the entire country. We join this salute, only because it's well merited. At times throughout the year, the wedding venues Eugene, Oregon offers within and surroundingits perimeter such as Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, or the Mohawk Valley wooded Tipi Village Retreat--are engulfed in a sort of area-wide radiance--a nearly spectral luminescence to the lush, flat grasslands and tree-thick hills which define so much of this multi-cultured realm. It is a thing felt, perhaps, more so than seen. But there are moments...specifically, though certainly not exclusively, in Spring and Summer when a Eugene wedding can veritably shimmer with a sense of a Presence borrowed from Tolkien, or the era of Arthur.

About the Eugene Wedding Venues Directory

All of which brings us to the reason behind Eugene Wedding Venues. This is a wedding planner directory of information to plan your Eugene wedding and for providing clarity and time-savings for those attempting to research and choose amongst the Eugene area's buffet of enchanting places to say, "I Do."  There are lots of great places to get married in Eugene, and being delighted with any of them is easy. Finding them is another matter. Using standard search, it is almost impossible to get a grasp of their location (or even their existence). So...we decided there had to be a better method of providing wedding reception and ceremony locale information for couples wishing to wed in this fair city--an information source both uncluttered and direct. 

And, of prime importance, it had to be largely about only wedding venues Eugene offers in and around itself--not jewelers, drink umbrellas, hairstyles, wedding dresses or string quartets. It proved to be the determination which produced Eugene Wedding Venues.

Locating Eugene Wedding Venues

The Eugene Wedding Venues directory is organized two ways. Metro Eugene Wedding Venues includes anything within the postal zones of Eugene, Oregon. Wedding venues included in these zones are located more or less from the eastern side Fern Ridge Lake though to Interstate 5 on the east; and from the Mahlon Sweet Field airport at the northern extremity, south into the Spencer Butte and Hult City Park areas. Prominent among Metro Eugene wedding venues are  Shadow Hills Country Club , and the centrally-located-to- everything Campbell House

In like fashion, the Greater EugeneWeddingVenues section of this wedding planner covers a number or area cities, including neighboring Springfield, Oregon, along with the towns of Veneta, Junction City, Creswell, Harrisburg, Brownsville, home to the beautiful Sanctuary at Washburn Heights, Corvallis, where you'll find the amazing Garden in the Woods, Sweet Home, Lorane including lovely Marcola in the Mohawk Valley, where one finds the secluded greater Eugene wedding venues paradise of the TipiVillage Retreat.

We've included also a second search method: by Types of Eugene Wedding Venues. This section lists our wedding venues by their being hotels and  lodges, parks, great-houses and similar locations which offer  amenities for your wedding.

And...should your requirements be such that Eugene is not the place for your "I Do"-ing, we have just the thing for you: Information on the finest wedding spots to be found throughout the State, with our Beyond Eugene Wedding Venues directories of Portland and the gorgeous Oregon Coast.

 Wedding Venues or Wedding Spots

There are also--near and close to near the principal Eugene, Oregon, wedding venues--such places as to make the soul sing, they are so lovely. The problem is they just don't quite fill the bill  as full-on wedding venues. The picturesque Orchard Point, on the northeastern edge of the Fern Ridge reservoir (or Lake), comes to mind. And, if you seek something somewhat more central to the city, the 400 acre Alton Baker Park, all but abutting the University of Oregon, should do quite nicely. If one fancies a bit of a stroll or hike during the day, the easily accesible heights of Spencer Butte Park await you as well. These splendid areas may not be quite full-on wedding locations which are suitable for the size of many wedding events,  yet they may be just the ticket for a memorable small ceremony and some unforgettable wedding photos, so we've included them in the wedding planner directory as Eugene wedding spots.

A Tip on Eugene Weather

As in most of the rest of Oregon, weather is a factor in what sort of wedding venue you should choose. In our Eugene Weather section there is some information on what to expect as well as how to forecast your day from both local and national web sources.

Why Where You Wed Matters

Whether or not your event is at one of the Eugene wedding venues, the selection of venues, in general, is a prime consideration when it comes to the atmosphere and romance which will surround the day's activities. It may be even the prime consideration. Yes, there is considerable "chat" discussion online as to whether it is the wedding's venue or the wedding photography which is the most valuable element of the Day, especially in the long term. Still (and no matter how self-serving it may seem to be), we maintain that if there is no mood to the venue there often is little mood to the wedding itself. And a wedding without some atmosphere to its atmosphere can look pretty blah in the photography. Thus, it is the venue which makes the wedding...which, in turn, helps make magic the photos and, thus, the all-important memories. [For some magical photography, check out: Artful Images Photographers.]

Here in this site is an association of wedding venues well matched to Eugene and its unique "spirit." Each offers some aspect of the flavor of this sometimes peculiarly charged part of the valley. In so doing, each offers an environment quite apart from the national chain "wedding experience." For the purposes of this directory, for instance, a ballroom is something with its own character and personality--not merely a "multi-use" box. A garden is not just a few groupings of flowers, but generally many acres of differing flora seen from winding, romance-inspiring paths and by-ways. In each of these Eugene wedding venues, is then created a sensation of other-ness--a space apart from the mundane--where all the time, effort and emotion put into conceiving and developing a wedding can come (sometimes literally) to flower as something worthy of its name. And in this doing, that all-important atmosphere comes into being.

Will the Venue Work for You?

Then there is the no-small-matter of practicality. It's seductively easy to choose a wedding venue largely on the basis of sight-delight, without considering the practical needs and wants of your attendees. It isn't to say that there is something lacking in the location, itself, merely that some very nice, ultra-scenic wedding locales may not cut it for the style or size of your planned soiree. Making an inspired wedding location selection involves taking account of factors such as the demographics of your invitees and how it will affect what they're going to eat and drink, to what extent and time everyone will want to party, and a dozen or so other prime points. More than probably any other event in your life, your wedding will be a multi-faceted event, with some of that "multi" involving the logistics of sheltering, feeding, entertaining and just generally "Wow-ing" a spectrum of ages and physical conditions.

Which all brings us back to Eugene Wedding Venues (right here) and the need for our wedding planner. We trust this will prove for you a useful vehicle in arriving at a successful wedding, saving you time and--certainly--energy you can then channel into your wedding celebration, and portal to a happy marriage. Thank you.